What is hepatitis, About hepatitis A, B and C

What is hepatitis?

Liver is a major part of our human body and it is impossible for a person to survive without the liver. It performs major tasks which includes bile and production of urea. Now that we know the importance of liver we must also be aware of what hepatitis is. It is basically the inflammation of liver. Hepatitis is caused by virus and these viruses are named as A, B, C, D etc. now that we have come to know what is hepatitis lest have a look at different kinds of hepatitis

Types of Hepatitis  There are different types of hepatitis namely A, B, C, D etc. out of the many in this article we would be telling about Hepatitis A, B and C.

Hepatitis A

This type of hepatitis is transmitted due to contamination.  It is a kind of viral infection that infects the liver. Travelers who travel are more prone to this type A hepatitis. The sewage or the virus gets into the food causing trouble for the patient. Or many a times it can be transmitted through contaminated food which the patient intakes.  The patient indeed undergoes a miserable condition but can then be cured totally.

Hepatitis B

This type of hepatitis also called as “serum hepatitis” is transmitted via blood, semen and saliva into the liver. Unlike in hepatitis A this one is very dangerous. In most of the conditions it may lead to the failure of the liver.

Hepatitis C

This again is a very serious and dangerous kind of hepatitis that can lead to liver failure. The virus indeed can cause serious problems if not treated on time. It is infected through sexual contact or sharing syringes with infected people.

Apart from these three kinds of hepatitis there are other types of hepatitis like alcohol and hepatitis D.  Hepatitis can be a very dangerous liver disease and should not be left unnoticed.  The types of hepatitis have different stages and cure is possible only if the patient approaches the doctor at an initial stage. As mentioned earlier liver is a very important part of our human body any danger to it should not be neglected, If you feel any pain in your liver and find that things are not proper, you must immediately approach a doctor who can look into the matter and treat it if it id hepatitis. So do not worry much and approach a good doctor who can treat you well in no time.