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Some Thoughts on Blogging

November 14th, 2007 by Jacob Ukelson

I have been blogging for a while now, and like everyone else I used to look at metrics everyday, now I look at them every once in awhile. What struck me most about traffic (and hopefully readership - since I can only know that users looked at the site, not whether they read it ) - is that the more you talk about currrent events the more traffic you get.

The blips that I saw on traffic were always around my blogging on topics that were just discussed by other sites, or events that just happened - rather than the blogs on general topics (e.g. the blog post on Mashup camp got a lot more traffic than my posts on Integration and M&A).  The traffic blip is of course even more pronounced if you comment or link-back to the main sites that discussed the event themselves.

This probably isn’t earth shattering news to most bloggers - but the heavy traffic to current event bias suprised me.

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    […] Ukelson who attended Mashup Camp Dublin and blogged about it (one of his most trafficked blogs according to him) wrote: ….it is like the mashups are the lightweight cousin of ETL - for display rather than […]

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