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Dapper provides a point and click GUI to extract data from any web site. That data can then be used to provide live mashups, RSS feeds or HTML that can be used by any site. For example users can create a personal portal that uses Dapper to dynamically aggregate information from any site that interests them. Dapper has technology head start that will allow it to be the leader in the emerging web 2.0 content marketplace.

Dapper has been selected by Red Herring magazine as one of the 100 most promising private companies in Europe for 2007!

Dapper announces MashupAds private beta.

Correlsense logo
Correlsense provides unique patent-pending technology which enables true real-time, generic, end-to-end tracking and control of business transactions for multi-tier environments.

Correlsense’s flagship product, SLAce, is an innovative software platform for proactively prioritizing business transactions and assuring consistent service levels in real-time. While traditional monitoring tools merely notify of Service Level Agreement breaches after they have occurred, SLAce proactively takes action before the damage is done by optimizing application behavior. This assures that critical business transactions will always remain available, even in case of a potential bottleneck.


ActionBase is developing breakthrough technology and pioneering a unique tool for human interaction management - Collaborative Action Item Management. ActionBase extends the capabilities of standard email and other productivity applications to enable easy-to-use and intuitive human interaction management. This approach has proven to enhance process transparency, manageability and efficiency while allowing users to continue to work in their current preferred environment (i.e. email).  ActionBase’s goal is to become the standard and system-of-record for “unstructured” workflow, activity management, decision tracking and follow-up.  Currently ActionBase’s solution is integrated within MS-Outlook and MS-Word and provides the user with a familiar, easy and friendly user experience. Actionbase also allows users to easily define new human processes, or leverage best–practices based human processes – either from within the organization, or from without.

Actionbase focuses on the flow of work and information between humans that need complete a task, and the management and monitoring of that workflow to make sure things are not forgotten, or fall through the gaps - filling a gap between the simplistic, ubiquitous todo list and tools focused on managing projects.

ActionBase has been selected by Red Herring magazine as one of the 100 most promising private companies in Europe for 2009!

ActionBase has also been selected as one of the Techcrunch Europe Top 100 as one of the most innovative and highest-potential European tech companies.


ConicIT is an out of band, Linux-based production solution that constantly analyzes mainframe system and application performance information provided by existing mainframe monitors. By utilizing proprietary mathematical models and self-learning algorithms, ConicIT provides real time tracking of critical resource behavioral patterns and predicts abnormal behavior of these resources before it occurs. ConicIT also analyzes composite relations between physical and logical resources.
Based on this information ConicIT provides meaningful pre-event alerts aimed at reducing re-occurrence of performance-related malfunctions. Now IT managers and performance administrators have all the information needed to enable detection of the root cause of problems, enabling IT staff to solve the actual cause of the incident and not spend valuable time and resources trying to battle the symptoms. By quickly getting to the root of the problem after its first occurrence, IT staff can now provide first fault problem resolution.