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Welcome to the eXeedTechnology Blog

Sunday, May 6th, 2007

Sam, Zippi and I have decided to go into business together – helping Israeli start-ups become successful. This is a model Zippi and I have been thinking about for a while, but were too busy doing other things to launch (Zippi was in Paris in IBM corporate development and deal-making, I was at Itemfield with Sam). The universe aligned just right – Zippi left IBM, Sam and I sold Itemfield – which left us time to start thinking about this seriously. Luckily we were able to convince Sam that this would be fun, and then things just snowballed faster than we expected. We made our first investment in a really cool startup in the Web 2.0 arena (www.dapper.net) and are already looking at investments two and three. Since we put a lot of time into each of our investments, we probably won’t be able to do more than four at any given time.

I plan to use this blog to share some of the lessons we are learning from our various activities or anything else I find interesting.